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Wish Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

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Wish is an online marketplace that was opened in 2010. Since it's release Wish has been growing constantly, recently becoming one of the major players in the e-commerce industry. Wish claims to have people from more than 120 different countries shopping on their platform.

Why is Wish such a popular shopping platform?

You've probably seen at least one advertisement from Wish.com either on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or while just browsing the internet or playing a mobile video game. Their ads are literally appearing everywhere. Wish attracts their customers by offering products are extremely low prices. You can find latest generation smartphones or laptops at prices of 50-100$ which sounds crazy, but also suspicious in the same time.

You can find literally everything on Wish. With millions of products available, sold by merchants from all around the world I don't think there is something you won't find available on Wish.com it is estimated that there are around 300 million items available for sale on Wish and the number is constantly increasing since the platform is getting more and more popular.

What payment methods does Wish accept?

Being an international shopping website you would expect Wish to have a large number of payment methods available but in fact they only have about 7 different payment methods available : Credit or debit cards, Apple or Google Play, iDEAL, PayPal, Ebanx, Klarna. One of the most important payment method that I think it's missing from this list are bank transfers but that's probably due to high fees and slower transactions.

Is Wish a trusted source for shopping online?

One important factor that you should consider is that Wish is not the owner of the items listed on their website. Wish is just a marketplace where merchants list their items for sale. This means that you'll buy directly from merchants and there is a risk involved in this. First of all, most merchants available on Wish are from China and that's where the cheap prices are coming from. Because the prices are so low, most products are either fake or their quality is extremely poor. The second problem is the shipping, which might take even a couple months in some cases since shipping is free and millions of products are shipped every month. Another issue is the return and refund policy. Even though Wish has a 30 days return policy and a refund guarantee in case your item does not arrive to you, their procedure for recovering your money is not easy. Many people have complained about not receiving their products and instead of receiving a full refund of their order they received just a partial refund or even worse they received nothing.

Overall, Wish is a good website if you have some extra money and want to have some fun testing different items that you've always wanted to buy. It's not worth it buying items like smartphones, laptops, earphones or any other electronics since most of them are fake or their quality is extremely bad. The same goes for clothes or shoes. For anything else I think it's worth taking a shot in buying from Wish since the products are extremely cheap and you won't waste a ton of money in case the products you receive are not as you expected.
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