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Webvork Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Webvork?
Webvork is an affiliate program for Europe made Nutra COD / pharmacy products made for weight loss, male stamina, detox, potency, hair spray etc.

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The “Registration” bar is just available at the right side of the webpage. One needs to join via username login and telegram id.

Webvork lists the Nutra product with the countries where it is available for delivery (Italy, Span, and Germany are the top targets). Affiliates need to promote the product to complete the lead in the target countries.

Traffic has to be sent via valid sources, such as teaser networks, contextual ads on search engines, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok), affiliate stores, theme sites. There are some restrictions on traffic sources too, sending any traffic via incentivized ways, Brokers, email newsletters, etc. is not allowed.

  • Contacts:- Webvork's postal address, phone number, email address are available on the website. Webvork is also widely present in social media, such as Telegram, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte.
  • Multilingual:- Webvork is a multilingual platform, It supports English (for world) and multiple other European languages Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, and Finnish. Feature of translation of landing pages is also available.
  • Call-Center Timing:- The working time is 11 AM to 11 PM (UTC+3, Moscow); it is not 24 hours, but it is open every day, including weekends and holidays.

  • Commission:- Webvork calculate commission in methods of CPL (Cost Per Lead). The affiliate will earn a commission on every valid lead.
  • Referral:- Webvork offers instant commission of up-to 5% on the profit of the referrals without any holding period.
  • Prize:- Every lead that is approved, will earn Webvork coins, such coins are exchangeable at Webvork shop with prizes like Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Apple/Samsung smartwatch, iPhone and many others.

  • Minimum:- The allowed minimum payout is €20 and completing minimum one valid lead.
  • Method:- Webmoney (WME & WMZ), Bank wire, PayPal, Capitalist, SEPA, and Personal account of self-employed. All commissions/fees charged by the method are on affiliate,
  • Schedule:- Payments are regularly sent on weekly or bi-weekly (twice a week). However, the payment is not automatic by default, users have to manually request the account manager for payment or to enable the auto payouts. There is no HODL period, issue of payment may get delayed for 3 to 5 days due to geolocation.
  • Tax Compensate:- WeWork conditionally compensates 6% tax for Russian members registered as self-employed in its platform. For this, affiliates can know all the requirements by contacting their account manager.
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