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Voluum Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Voluum?
Voluum is an affiliate tracking network based in Kraków (Cracow), Poland; this network was launched in 2015.

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Voluum guarantees a complete tracking, regardless of the source, be it is social media or email or ad exchange or direct published or any other. This network is cloud based , users just need to choose a plan, pay for it and start tracking; the network does the entire infrastructure like hosting, server setting etc.

There are four plans – Discover, Profit, Grow, & Agency. Each higher plan has more features than the previous smaller plan which is provided by this network. Discover plan is for the starters of campaign tracking, Profit plan is to optimize the campaigns' profits & costs, Grow plan helps in building the team and scaling the ads business, Agency plan offer even more features. Voluum software tracks Direct Pixel, Impression, conversion etc in every plan and provides detailed report on dashboard.

Pricing of plans is based on the features available with the related plan. Pricing is available in both Month and Annual model, the annual model charges fewer fees per month. The Customer’s account will be overcharged if tracking cross the limit of the account.

  • Common Features:- This network has some common features in every plan which makes all plans useful and customer can upgrade if he wants more. For example One Dedicated Domain is additionally provided with each plan, such domain comes with a SSL certificate chosen by Voluum, and clients have to accept the certificate as provided by the network; many other features like tracking the zeropack even is also available for all plans.
  • Special Features:- Some Features only come with higher plan, and customers can decide if they want them or not. For example, the feature of API access starts with “Profit Plan”, and the feature of Anti-Fraud Kit starts with “Grow Plan”, which tracks the fake traffic like bots all unrealistic or suspicious traffic and conversion is detected and provided to the client.

Customers have the right to upgrade or downgrade, network will charge price according to the chosen plan only. Customer also have the right to cancel the subscription, however, billing will only stop after the term ends, so plan will also remain active till then; there is no refund.

Choosing annual plan comes with discounted rate; however, there is no free version or free-trial informed, but a demo account is possible.

Voluum offers 24/7 support; they also provide tutorial in form of videos & documents, case studies, webinars, guide for beginners and even comparison of trackers.

The affiliate program of this network offers 20% lifetime commission and extra 10% to 25% one-time monthly commission from every new client. This program is available to all affiliates, even if they are not a customer of Voluum.

Voluum is a Polish company, and is governed by the laws of Poland, everything that is illegal under Polish law, is restricted in this network; legal disputes also come under the jurisdictions of Kraków courts.

A wide range of payment methods are supported by this network – Bank Card (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover Network, and JCB) ; E-Processor (PayPal). In case of card, business credit card only (not consumer card) is accepted. Although there is no cryptocurrency method available, yet customers can negotiate a different payment method with them whichever is suitable for them.
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