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Vimeo Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is the video streaming and sharing service based on America where users upload and watch high quality long videos.
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Some interesting facts about Vimeo

* Vimeo was founded on 2004 and it's headquarters is located in New York.
* There are over 200 million active users of Vimeo.
* Vimeo is basically available in 7 languages including English , Spanish , German , French , Japanese , Portuguese , Korean.
* Vimeo has it's services available worldwide.
* There are no Ads , instead there is monthly subscription to acquire storage space.

How to use Vimeo


* To register, visit the official website of Vimeo and click "Join".
* Enter your details such as username , password , email and confirm your email.
* Next step is to set your profile photo , you can also use your logo.
* You can also include a cover video that plays at the top of your profile.

Pricing plans:

* Once completing the registration and profile creation process , you can start with Vimeo Basic , a free plan for 30 days with the limitation of 5 GB of total storage.
* You can choose any of the below plans to upgrade your account for increasing the storage space.

Vimeo Plus
- Provides 5 GB/week storage and 250 GB every year.
- For single user.
- Price - $7/Monthly ,billed annually.
- Privacy controls enabled.

Vimeo Pro
- Provides 20 GB/week storage and 1 TB every year.
- For 3 team members.
- Price - $20/Monthly , billed annually.
- Private team projects enabled.

Vimeo Business
- No weekly limts.
- Provides 5 TB total storage.
- For 10 team members.
- Price - $50/Monthly ,billed annually.
- Enables Google Analytics and showcase SEO.
- Video creation with custom branding.

Vimeo Premium
- Unlimited live streaming.
- Provides 7 TB total storage.
- Price - $75/Monthly , billed annually.
- Live Q/A , graphics and polls enabled.
- Audience chat.

Tips on uploading video on Vimeo

* You can start uploading videos by clicking on "Upload Video" button. Fill out the title and description when uploading the video.
* Add the relevant words to video title and description so your audience can find your videos easily.
* By using attractive thumbnails to your video , you can gain lot of viewers.
* Share your uploaded videos on Vimeo in other platforms , even in your own websites.

How to earn money from Vimeo

* In order to start earning from Vimeo , create premium videos and upload them to Vimeo.
* Then activate domain level embedded locking feature for every video (videos need to be running in your websites in order to play).
* To your website , add Membership Access Program.
* Link your membership program with payment methods like Paypal.
* Finally , it's time to market your video content ad start earning money.
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