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TrafficPartner.com Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is TrafficPartner.com
TrafficPartner is an advertising network for monetizing mobile and desktop web traffic. This network was established in the year 1997, and it offers networking service in over 50 countries worldwide, which include regions of all continents. Headquarter of TrafficPartner is located at Venlo, Netherlands, and their jurisdiction comes under region of Hamburg, Germany.

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Users just have to sign-up in the platform as Publisher to be able to get approval for their website that they want to monetize. TrafficPartner supports all popular methods of affiliate commission - CPL, CPM, CPC, RevShare, CPO (CPS), and even Hybrid Models. All popular advert marketing formats are accepted in this platform - Display, Banner, Pop, Push, Email, Video, Co-Reg, XSells, SEO, SEA.

  • Marketing Commission — The publisher will be paid their advertising commission according to the performance of the adverts published on their website, this will be approved by the advertiser. The network itself will track and confirm that the ad performance is error free, rule abiding and are result oriented.
  • Referral Commission — TrafficPartner have a referral program in which network pays 10% in commission of their referrals' total payout for first six months. There is no minimum or maximum limitation in the fixed 10% commission, publisher will earn 0 (zero) commission if their referral's payout is 0, publisher will earn 1 million Euro if their referral will cash out 10 million Euro.

  • Referral Program is not for lifetime.
  • Adverts are mostly focused on dating, which are normally not for family or children based website.
  • Payments are paid only in Euro.

  • Such activities are not allowed — Spyware, VPN, Proxy Traffic, Streaming and Torrent sites. Violation of any third party rights, placing any context that promotes illegal, hate based, child abuse, defamatory contents, are strictly restricted.
  • Such activities are only allowed if they are properly mentioned — Adware, Incentive Traffic, Virtual Currency Traffic and SMS marketing. Email marketing is only allowed if the receivers of email give prior consent and have the right to unsubscribe anytime.

As a European network, this platform is governed by laws of the European Union; this includes GDPR and other laws. The T&C, especially contracts and merchant partnership of this network are based on the laws of Germany.

The minimum payout limit is 50 EUR for all accounts that are operating under IBAN / BIC system, and for all other accounts, it is 100 EUR. The Payment method has to be settled with the network, the network attributes the commission concerned through the selected payment method. A downloadable electronic credit note is issued at 15 days frequency of every billing period, but this will only be issued after verification of required data.
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