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Tango.me Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

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What is Tango.me
Tango is a Video platform where users upload and discuss about their videos, it was launched in 2009. Headquarters of Tango is located at Mountain View, California, USA; other offices are located at Limassol (Cyprus), Tel Aviv (Israel), St Petersburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), and Kiev (Ukraine). This platform is governed by the laws of Cyprus.

Interested person just have to click on “Join Now” button on the top right of the home page; Tango offers to easily join via Phone or Google or Facebook.

Tango is a platform for Live streaming, video broadcasting, live messaging; overall it works like Business-to-consumer (B2C) platform which is as good as podcast for audios.


Weak Support
– There is no written article or knowledgebase guidance, also their support is unhelpful at most of the time.

As a B2C platform, there is actual way to make money by this platform.
  • Revenue:- Tango.me have an earning program namely “Diamond Program”; creators earn digital gifts under this program, these gifts can be anything, even virtual currency; however in the user’s account, it is called as “Diamond”. There is no actual fixed amount for the “Diamonds”, everything is decided by Tango.
  • Referral Reward:- Tango also offer reward on referral's revenue, however, there is no fixed reward too, rewarding methods and shares are decided by Tango.
  • Confiscate:- In case an account holder do not log in his/her account for respectively 90 days (for whatever reason), all the available “Diamonds” in that holder’s account are bound to reset to "0" (zero) due to permanent confiscation.
  • Withdraw:- Account holder will be able to redeem the diamonds only when it reaches the minimum amount; however, there is no minimum amount set for the withdrawal, this is also decided by Tango.
  • Method:- Account holder is allowed to redeem the diamonds in fiat currency (at present, only US dollars) via the electronic payment provider determined by Tango.
  • Via Agents:- The account holder also has the facility to get the diamond through the agent instead of directly via Tango. However, Tango is not obliged to provide this facility. Also, Tango will determine the terms and conditions for the benefit of such agent.
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