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Skrill Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a digital wallet system allowing users to make online payments and quick money transfers for shopping , gaming , trading and many other purposes.

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Some key facts about Skrill​

* The company is based on United Kingdom and was founded in 2001.
* The company has it's headquarters in London , UK.
* It supports more than 40 currencies including the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , Ethereum Classic , XRP ,Ox , Litecoin.
* There are over 156,000 active merchants and over 32 million active users.
* It is supported in over 200 countries and not supported in countries which have been sanctioned by the World Bank or UN.

Some key features about Skrill​

* Skrill accepts the cryptocurrency (BTC , BCH ,ETH ,ETC , XRP , Ox , LTC) transactions.
* It issues debit card which can be linked to your account in 4 currencies - USD , British Pounds , Euros , Polish Zloty.
* It allows app developers to accept micro transactions from various apps related to online gambling , business , games or other type of apps.
* You can send cash to your friends and family using email address,credit or debit card.
* It also helps you to receive the payments from customers from websites such as Shopify and other sites which have partnered with Skrill. Those customers need not have a Skrill account.
* Freelance marketplaces also accept Skrill , so freelancers can make use of Skrill to accept payments.
* It is also used by Online sellers and during Forex Trading.
* It accepts recurring payments.
* Using skrill , the users can send mass payments or individual payment depending on their convenience.
* You can send money to an email address or phone number linked to a bank account using Skrill.
* You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using your account.
* Skrill app is available in IOS and Android devices and is very easy to use.
* The company provides prepaid card powered by Mastercard.
* Customer support is provided through Email , Web , Phone , Chat with Virtual Assistant.
* Social media profiles available - Facebook , Instagram , Twitter.

How to register in Skrill?​

* Visit the official website of Skrill and click on "Register".
* Enter your personal details such as your first name , last name same as in your document and your country.
* Enter your email address and set the password.
* Then fill your address , city, postal code , date of birth , phone number.Make sure to use the same address as in your bank account or utility bill so you can successfully complete the identity verification later on.
* Then you will be asked to confirm your phone number through 6 digit code.
* You can also enable 2FA for better security of your account.
* You can also open another account in different currency if you are a Skrill VIP user.

How to verify your Skrill account?​

* Once registered , you can login and set your security pin.
* Next step is to make a deposit for the verification process. You can deposit through Bank transfer , debit/credit card , BTC , BCH , Neteller , Paysafecard , Trustly, Klarna.
* For verifying the Personal account , you need documents such as your ID (Driver's license or Passport) and a proof of address.
* For verifying Business account , you need your National ID , proof of registered company address , incorporation certificate , details of business partners and shareholders and a merchant questionnaire.

About the Skrill fees​

* You can sign up to Skrill's loyalty and affiliate programs to reduce the fees to some extent.

-> Deposit fees : There will be a small percentage of deposit fees for all the deposit methods.
-> Withdrawal fees : The withdrawal fees will vary depending on the withdrawal methods such as to Bank account , VISA , mobile wallet , ATM withdrawal.
-> To withdraw money from Skrill to bank account , there is no fees associated.
-> For sending money from one Skrill account to another , it charges 1.45% of transfer amount as fees , though it can vary by location.
-> Using EUR account to buy and sell cryptocurrency , the fees is between EUR 0.99-1.99 for the transactions in the range EUR 1-99. The transactions that involve over EUR 100 will be charged fees of 1.5%
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