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Promisetoken.com Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

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Promise token

The cryptocurrency market is here and it has come with endless possibilities for investors and users. We also have in place decentralized finance which is also from the development in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. So with decentralized finance anyone can borrow, stake, lend and even farm money to finance projects that are projected by other crypto users worldwide. But just like any other good thing the crypto network is faced with issue of late investors buying their coins at a very high price unlike others that first invested in the system. So to bridge this gap the promise team took the chance of developing and designing the Promisetoken.

What is Promisetoken?

Promise can be described as a BEP20 token which is established and based on trust. It is a coin of a kind that the value will skyrocket in few weeks to come. The major rule of the coin is that the holder should trust the coin and hold it for about 15 days. So when once you hold it for at least 15 days you would be recognized first as a promise community member and rewarded with a lot of goodies as a loyal member.

Where can you buy Promisetoken?

You can get your own Promisetoken from Pancakeswap. It is also traded on BNB- Promise Crypto Pairs and on Binance smart chain through ETH.

Steps on How to buy Promisetoken

· You can buy your token on PancakeSwap but first connect your trust wallet to the site

· If you do not have trust wallet, then you can download and install yours either from Playstore or App store. When done fund your wallet with any payment methods you like.

· Make sure there’s money in your trust wallet, then launch your browser and go to Binance official platform

· Register on the Binance site if you a new user but if you are an old user just login. Now fund your Binance account via your trust wallet and buy (BNB) Binance coin. Now with your BNB, you can swap it for promise token and you can hold your coin for at least 15 days.


Promisetoken is a utility coin that has high value and from statistics has grown over 1000% from what was obtained in the past. You have to trust the token as it has in its team some knowledgeable people in fintech space, experienced marketers and even developers, you can still contact their customer care if you need more information.
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