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PerfectMoney.is Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Perfect Money?

Perfectmoney is a digital payment system where users can make payments online , send and receive money transfers and store fiat money and cryptocurrencies in the account.

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Some key facts about Perfect Money​

* Perfectmoney was founded in 2007.
* The company was founded in Iceland and it's headquarters is located in Zurich.
* It acts as a payment gateway allowing customers to pay for the online purchases.
* Perfectmoney app is available to download in both IOS and Android.
* Customer support is available through email (you have to create and submit ticket to solve your query).

Some key features of Perfect Money​

* You can send and receive the funds to your friends or family by using the Perfectmoney account address.
* The company makes it easy to accept the payments on your website.
* You can use Perfectmoney as a payment gateway to make payments for goods and services (online shopping).
* Currencies supported by the company are Bitcoin , USD , EURO, GOLD.
* Perfectmoney allows users to send , receive and store Bitcoin.
* You can create your own prepaid card (E-Voucher) using Perfectmoney.
* Storing cryptocurrencies and fiat for gaining interest is also offered along with the lending function.
* Affiliate Program pays 1% per annum on your referral's balance.

How to register and login to your Perfect Money?​

* Visit the official website of Perfectmoney and click on "Sign up".
* Enter all the necessary details such as nick name , your full name , address , account type (Personal or Business) ,email address and others.
* Confirm your email by entering the code from your email.
* You will get your member ID in your email which is used to login from next time along with the password. Also enter correct turing number to prevent bots attempt to login. Each time you login to your Perfectmoney account , you are required to confirm your login by entering the code from the email.

About the Accounts and Security​

* There are 3 types of Perfectmoney accounts -
Normal - Once registered , every user's accounts is set by default to "Normal" type of account.
Premium - This type of account is provided for those customers who have been using Perfectmoney from more than a year or have their balance over $100,000.
Partner - It is provided to a payment system or an exchange office usually.
* Having higher account type enjoy benefits such as lowered transaction fees and quick response from customer support service.

* To secure your account , it is recommended to set up SMS authorization (paid) during login , Code card and API.

How to use Perfect Money?​

* Sending money to other's Perfectmoney address can be quickly done by visiting "Quick Payment" menu.
* You can use the "Exchange" feature where the exchange of currencies takes place.
* To replenish your account , go to "Enter" and to withdraw money , go to "Withdraw"menu.
* You can deposit and withdraw funds from your account using Bitcoin , Bank wire , cash deposit , E-Vouchers , Certified Partners, Credit exchange.
* Th company offers 4% interest per annum on your balance in your account.
* You can view the history of transactions under "History" menu.

About the account verification​

* By verifying your account , you are benefited by advanced features of Perfectmoney.
* To verify the account , you need to undergo verification of identity documents and phone number.

About the Perfect Money fees​

* Fees charged for internal transactions is 0.5% for verified and premium account types , whereas 1.99% for unverified account type.
* For withdrawing funds to Bank , there is a fees of $50 + 3% of total amount.
* For withdrawing Bitcoin , the fees is 0.5%
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