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Pabbly.com Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

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It is a web application based on repeated billing management with software as a service (SAAS), which allows users to connect to cloud-based applications and perform the necessary uses.

Its main and best-known application is marketing through email, being very popular in companies that use this type of services, it also offers a service that allows to accept subscription payments.

The application can connect with more than 50 "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" (SMTP) or use the SMTP service that uses the platform to massively send electronic mail, in addition to having the ability to manage the list of subscribers, also offers a generator Email very easy to use, very intuitive, which greatly facilitates automation and finally can manage email campaigns.

In case of connecting with external SMTP and to guarantee the delivery of emails, the platform supports the use of "Sender Policy Framework" (SPF) and "Domain Keys Identified Mail" (DKIM).

The tool to create emails allows you to customize them or create them from the editing of predesigned templates to customize your emails.

Pabbly has a service called MX Cleaner, with it you can clean the list of spam emails and incorrect addresses.

Currently Pabbly has an offer that offers several features in a single package, called Pabbly Plus, with this you access a set of 5 business management applications on a single platform and all for the same price, facilitating meeting your needs in the sales area and Marketing.

In Summary Pabbly offers you:

1) Capacity for advertising mail, a marketing solution by mail that allows you to send emails to all its customers.

2) Build forms, with which you can collect data to make online payments, collect data from potential customers, conduct surveys and more alternatives.

3) Verify the emails with which to clean those invalid email addresses, obtaining an increase in the delivery efficiency of the emails.

4) Bill subscriptions with a software to manage repetitive subscriptions and bills with a system to manage affiliates.

5) Connect the applications, with which you can create and organize large workflows automatedly and consequently transfer data between the various applications present in Pabbly.

If you would like to communicate with Pabbly for some consultation, the platform has a customer service and has 3 communication alternatives:

1) You can communicate through live chat during business hours from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm iSt.

2) Through a contact form, introduce your data, choose the PABBLY product from which you want to obtain information or send a complaint as well as the type of query.

3) You can also send an email to the admin@pabbly.com support center and thus make the query that interests you.
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