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Mintos.com Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

Mintos is a Crowdlending platform, that is, it offers collective financing, through which several investors offer their money to a company in order to obtain a profit in the course of a specific time.

Mintos opens its doors in 2015, many connoisseurs in the field qualify it as the largest Crowdlending company in Europe, having received several awards since its birth.

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Mintos acts as an intermediary between credit companies and people who want to invest their money through the figure of the loan to obtain a profit. Thanks to this system you can find a very extensive offer of loans on a single platform.

Mintos has a wide variety of loan issuing companies, more than 60, located in 32 countries, among them we have Spain, Estonia, Finland, Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine.

Investors interested in loan financing enter the Mintos platform and can view the wide variety of loan requests through loan issuing companies, called originators, for borrowers.

There are situations in which these loans have what is called a buyback guarantee to protect themselves in cases of defaults, therefore, if the borrower is late beyond a certain number of days, the originator, a lender that acts as an intermediary, becomes the person responsible for returning the borrowed capital and in some cases must also pay default interest.

The minimum investment as a lender is € 10.

Loan terms range from 1 month to 6 years.

It works with a wide variety of currencies: EUR, USD, GBP and 7 other currencies.

The average annual profitability is 12.22%, and can reach up to 21%, generally applied for less strong currencies, depending on the originator, the currency and the type of loan.

Another feature of Mintos is that investors do not pay commissions, the commissions are paid by the originators.

There are certain situations in which Mintos may charge a small commission to the investor:

When the investor wants to change the currency and the loan has been made in another currency to which the investor wants to receive the money. -0.5%.

When the investor, in order to obtain liquidity, sells a loan before its maturity date. -0.85%.

When the investor hires external services to recover cases of non-payment, only applied in some cases and the company will inform before its application.

You can invest in the following types of loans:

1. Mortgage loans: in this type of loan, real estate is offered as collateral. The term is between 6 to 240 months.

2. Vehicle loans: in this type of loan, a vehicle is offered as collateral, plus its insurance. The term can be up to 72 months.

3. Factoring: this type of loan is for those businesses that need to have liquidity and offer a promissory note as collateral. The term ranges from 1 month to 4 months.

4. Commercial loans: this type of loan is aimed at companies and businesses and its term ranges from 1 month to 96 months.

5. Short-term loans: these types of loans are small and have a maximum term of 1 month.

6. Personal loans: this is the most common type of loan in Mintos and its term is between 2 and 60 months. No collateral is needed for this type of loan.

7. Agricultural loans: as their name indicates, they are aimed at the agricultural industry and the term includes up to 20 months.

8. Pledge loans: this is a type of personal loan with guarantee and the term is between 1 and 24 months.

Many will wonder about the security of the platform, it can only be said that nothing is 100% secure, what if it is true is that Mintos is a very serious loan platform and the investor should know that the originators, financing companies, the The platform performs analyzes and reviews of their financial statements, in addition to other conditions that help to have an idea of the capacity of the intermediary company, for this Mintos issues a classification that goes from A + to D. and helps us decide on the investment we want to do.

Opening an account in Mintos is very simple, you only need to enter the email with which you will associate the account, add your personal data, indicate your address information, verify your identity through a DNI or passport.

When Mintos verifies your identity, it will ask you about the origin of your income, then you will verify your identity through a selfie using your mobile device or computer, according to your preference. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes, after which you can add funds to your new account through normal transfer, Trustly or some other online payment method.
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