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Kajabi Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Kajabi.com
Kajabi is an online platform which helps in creating online business. Kajabi was launched in 2010, its headquarters is located in Irvine, California, USA.

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Kajabi works as itself, clients do not need to use any integration or plugin, they do not have to pay for anything more for using any service. Every person just have to join the network choosing any plan, then the network will help them to set up with Kajabi.

Plans — Kajabi have 3 (three) plans — Basic, Growth and PRO. All plans have several marketing features available for the business that includes Products, Pipelines, designed landing pages, custom marketing emails. Contacts, Active Members, full integrated website & administrative user and many extra features from Kajabi University.

Features — Although Growth plan have more facilities than Basic plan, and PRO plan have even more facilities than Growth plan, however, all plans have some unlimited features like Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited Marketing Emails, 0% Transaction Fee, Webinars, Events, Templates, Quiz & Survey Assessments.

Support — Chat Support and Automation are available with all plans, but 24/7 Support and Advanced Automation are available with Growth and PRO plans only.

Branding — Plans come with Kajabi Branding, clients of Growth and PRO plans have the right to remove those branding to make themselves more original.

Affiliate — The Network Offers an affiliate program, which is available with Growth and PRO plans.

Free Trail— This Network offers 14 days trial on every plan, this helps them to provide a trail for promotion, and also helps people to test the plan before paying for the service.

Discount — Kajabi offer plans in Monthly and Yearly billing periods, there is 20% discount if clients opt out for annual billing for any plan.

— Kajabi is an American company, it is governed by US laws, so any person/entity/nation etc that is listed in laws/order/rule like Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control or is banned/blocked by Executive Order of the US President, such person/entity or anyone associated with them in any manner, are not allowed to use any service of this network.

Dispute — Clients have to resolve the disputes (if any) by contacting the legal support of Kajabi, the network may try to resolve it out of court in 15 days. Any kind of unresolved legal disputes can be proceeded in only Orange County (California) courts.

Normally Kajabi will ask for payment via Debit/Credit card, PayPal and Stripe are also accepted as third party payment providers.
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