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One of the most popular ways to make decent income online is through trading. Even though trading is risky, with enough experience and good risk management practices, a trader could eliminate most of the trading risks and generate a huge amount of profit. There are many types of online trading. Forex trading, Stock trading, Cryptocurrency trading, and binary options are just a few examples. And yet, cryptocurrency trading's risk is heightened by the fact of its wild price movement. On the other hand, binary option is deemed too risky by many financial authorities, and thus banned in many countries. On the contrary, stock and forex market are both heavily regulated by strict rules that were set by governments of many countries, thus both markets are much more secure for traders.

Saxo Bank is one of the most reputable online trading broker and investment bank in the world. The company's history can be traced to the founding of Midas Stockbroker Company in 1992. Lars Seier Christensen, Kim Fournais, and Marc Hauschildt are the founders of the company. Midas Stockbroker Company changed its name to Saxo when they obtained a banking license from the Danish financial authority. Even though the company has a banking license, Saxo does not offer traditional banking products, instead, the company focuses on managing its online brokerage. On their trading platform, Saxo offers Forex, stocks, CFDs, futures, funds, bonds, and futures spreads tradings. Saxo also offers managed portfolios service that will allow users to let financial experts handle their trading and see their profit flowing without the need to lift even a single finger. Saxo partners with world-leading asset managers like BlackRock, Morningstar, and Brown Advisory to deliver a stable result to its customers. For this service, Saxo charges customer a fee of 0.98 percent per annum.

The company's headquarters is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company also maintains a number of regional offices in several major cities like London, Paris, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, India, and Tokyo. Besides its online trading operation, Saxo also offers its trading platform to various companies and other trading company on a white-label basis. The company has clients in more than 180 countries, and has partnered with several other banks like Standard Bank, Old Mutual Wealth, Banco Carregosa and Banco Best.
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