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Getship.co Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Getship.co?
Getship.co (or simple "SHIP") is a mobile application with US office, this is a fun, dating and matchmaking platform. People can join it for dating or just for fun. This network has addresses in Dallas, Texas and Sacramento, California. This is a completely free app to use.

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App is available in both iOS & Android versions, however, there is no web version. Every user can join using phone number only, this application do not have Email or social media option.

Users can download this app from Apple / Google Play stores, the official website also have links to the app. Members have to chose from I’m single, or I’m not single before using the app, then have to fill the simple profile info and allow all required permissions to the app to be able to use it.

Only singles will appear in dating/matchmaking search, if a user want to keep using this app without getting involved in dating, they can set the account as "Not Single" while joining or even later after finding their match or whenever they like. Profile is editable, so any correction or update can be easily done by the user.

Just like in any social media, this application allows user to add friends, unfriend an added friend, invite those friends who are not using this application, chat with friends. The User can even manage activities with added friends.

Users can browse other members' profile and contents without any problem unless a member hide/restrict something or someone.

This application follows regulations of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) for Data Protection and Consumer Privacy.

Ship (this application) help the user by auto-scanning contents for any type of malicious links or bad activities. The Application has all troubleshooting management within the app.

This app even help members even from offline threats, members are provided helpful email support /links where they can provide all details and that support will report the incident/problem to the concerned law authorities.

If any user really want to delete the app, this can be done by deleting it from the user's account, deleting an account will also delete all contents of that account.

This is a very much free app, users can use to date, find a preferred match, and just to have fun with friends. Due to no payment, anyone can use it with security features.
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