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Fanadise Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

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What is Fanadise.com
Fanadise is a content subscription platform created to increase fan base and monetize content through Non-Funable Tokens (NFTs) with the idea of decentralizing content ownership in social media.

While scrolling down the page, there is a blue Register button on the right side, clicking on it will take you to the Log in page, there is a link referring "Don't have an account? Sign up now!" Click on it.
This will take you to a page named "Join the revolution!", there you are required to give your email and set-up a password for the account. Users also have to agree with T&C as well as Data Security and Privacy Policy; however you cannot read these two, clicking on those links will take you back to Log in page. Fanadise may ask to complete the KYC for registration process.

Platform works to decentralize social media and empower the content creators. Currently, content creators on the Internet do not actually have full ownership of the digital goods and other content they create, the real ownership lies with the platform in which the content is published. Therefore, the power on that content and the income from it, is also the right of the platform. Fanadise claims to change this trend and give the authority of content to its original creator.

  • Platform:- To increase its impact, the platform claims that they work with people who have the skills to accumulate millions of people on social media. This may be exaggerated, but its token has gained popularity and thousands of people are joining the platform.
  • Contents:- Fanadise focuses on exclusive contents which can be anything like images, gifs, skins, filters, videos etc. that has never been published before.

For direct contact, to know more about the platform, and/or to take part in their sale/airdrop or any benefit or for any query, users can contact them via available E-Mail, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram features.

  • Platform’s Earning:- This platform also has its own NFT named "FAN token", this token is the only accepted currency to use the features of this platform.
  • User’s Earning:- FAN token is also available in Airdrops, and it is stakable, users can stake their proprietary FAN tokens to earn more NFTs.
  • Creator’s Earning:- Each creator on the Fanadise platform is able to launch own NFTs; whenever the creator will launch some content, he/she will set its price/pack and issue NFTs in limited quantity which the fans will buy at the set price. In addition, the platform also has a plan for an NFT marketplace, whenever the NFTs are used, the creator will receive a share from it. For extra possibility, Fanadise allows a feature of tip/donation from fans, this will earn extra earning to creators.
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