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Dex-Trade.com Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

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The majority of crypto users and traders are mostly using already proven crypto management platforms. These older crypto platforms are generally having a huge user base and have been around for quite some time. While these reputable platforms are a good choice for most users, once in a while, it's not bad to try out newer platforms. In order to compete against already-established platforms, these new companies have to come up with a creative endeavor to attract visitors and customers. This competition is the main driving force behind any industry, including crypto market. Even though still new, Dex-Trade tries to offer unparalleled exchange and trading experience for crypto users. The platform has easy-to-use graphical interface so that even novice users can quickly learn and adapt to start using the exchange and the trade platform without too many difficulties. To attract younger audience, they also innovate through the inclusion of gaming section, where users can reduce some stress through fun games, and even win some crypto against other players.

Dex-Trade was established in 2018. The team behind it are composed of experts drawn from international financial and information technology companies. The company has invested both time and resources to make sure that their platform is safe and secure. They do this through implementation of the latest online security standard and external audits by independent security firms. The exchange accepts users from all over the world, and continue to expand their operations to cover the whole globe. The platform's crypto listing include the following coins and tokens: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, LINK, ADA, LTC, DOGE, DOT, THETA, ETC, TRX, SUSHI, UNI, and more.

The trading platform on Dex-Trade is build with a complete set of trading tools like various types of chart and indices to help traders to carefully calculate their trading strategy. Dex-Trade is a good platform for both novice and experienced traders. To help novice traders to quickly get the grasp of crypto trading, the platform also has a demo trading for training purpose.

One feature that sets Dex-Trade apart from other crypto platforms is the gaming section. Currently, this section is still in beta phase, and only has four games. Each game has both demo and paid full version where users can compete with each other and win actual money. Since gaming can be addictive, please play responsibly.

The platform has customer support in form of support ticket. Users can also reach them out through their official social media. The company maintains a social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and YouTube.
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