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AdvCash Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is AdvCash?
“AdvCash” is an acronym word that is used for “Advanced cash”. This is a Multi-Currency E-processing system used for low commission currency exchange, fund transfer and make payments. This platform is available in more than 150 countries and accepts multiple fiat & cryptocurrencies, Headquarter of AdvCash is located at Belize City, Belize.

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Users have to register with an email and set-up their free account to use AdvCash . Users can buy/sell cryptocurrencies, transfer fiat currencies with their in-built system and via third-parties approved by the system. AdvCash secures the account with 2FA security, SMS codes, password for payment etc. This platform also offers their virtual and plastic cards to use just as any other credit/debit card wherever applicable, these cards come without maintenance or delivery costs.

After registration, all users will be able to use it instantly, doing around the world transaction to existing Visa/ MasterCard, Payment Processors, cryptocurrency wallets and Banks. However, to use full features, users are required to complete verification processes. Verification process takes only up to 24 hours. The security and anti-fraud policy of AdvCash system may ask to complete additional process for verification, wherever it is required.

AdvCash offers two types of accounts – Personal and Business.
  • Personal Accounts – Such accounts are created by a person for personal use, a simple KYC verification can be done by giving some valid personal information and a selfie photo for card only.
  • Business Accounts – Such accounts are created by a company for business use, a simple KYB verification can be done by submitting an incorporation certificate, an address proof and documents of representative members. Business users can apply for merchant tools for automated processing, set API without any additional fees.
Users are encouraged to bring more members into AdvCash fold, this platform offers 20% commission from the system revenue that it will make from users’ referral. The system instantly sends commission to the referred member.

Deposit and Withdrawal limit for non-verified account is less than verified account, moreover the third-party method limits are also applicable, for example any limit set by Visa / Mastercard applies automatically. This third-party gateway process may change without notification via AdvCash , so users have to check these methods themselves.
Although a multinational platform offering services in countries of all regions worldwide, AdvCash have legal and compliance limitations in different countries, so they do not offer services in some regions like the US, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Zimbabwe etc.

AdvCash only charges fees for business/transaction and not to use it in—house.
  • In-House : — There is no setup or maintenance fees or chargebacks or cancellation / obligations charges, there is no rolling reserves or holds. Users can send and receive for free and instant payment from and to AdvCash account this is applicable from any country or region of the world.
  • Actual Fees :— Using third party service will apply fees that depends on currency and method, for example— SEPA transfer will cost 1 Euro for Euro transaction; Visa / Mastercard will cost percent based charges for fiat currency transaction, which could be 0.5% to 3.5% depending on currency; Cryptocurrencies transaction (outside AdvCash wallets) will cost additional blockchain fees.
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