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1UpCoin.com Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

WHAT IS 1UpCoin.com
1UpCoin.com is a platform that offers free service of accepting cryptocurrencies on users' stream on video service such as Twitch and YouTube.

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This platform is a subsidiary of "Warp World", which is a Limited Liability Company based in Chicago, Illinois (USA) , WrapWorld works in the field of gaming and streaming tools.

There is no form-filling type of registration requirement in order to join and use the service of 1UpCoin; there is a "Get Started" button at the middle of the webpage users only need to click on it, and login with their Twitch or YouTube account. This action will provide a dashboard to the user; after that, user will need to connect to an alert platform for the system alert; the main available options are Stream Labs and Stream Elements.

The process of linking coinbase to the platform is also as simple as creating an account. After linking to the wallet, whenever a donor donates cryptocurrency to a user, it will go directly to the user's Coinbase account and the platform will alert the user via notification on the stream.

The platform does not charge any fees for this, 100% of donations are sent to the user's coinbase account. However, blockchain fees (like Ethereum gas price) might be charged in blockchain.


This platform also offers a referral program, unique referral link is available in referral page. But it is not clear how much the user can earn from his referral and for how long. In general, it allows users to earn $100 worth LTC, and as per the terms of the site, profit can be made from your referral only within the month the referral has joined.

  • Limited Cryptocurrencies :- 1UpCoin claims to support multiple Cryptocurrencies, but actually it supports only 3 (three), which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. So, donation in other rising cryptocurrencies has issues.
  • Only Coinbase Wallet :- 1UpCoin supports only coinbase, so if you are not a coinbase user, this service is not for you. However, coinbase is easy to create.
In case of support, users can email to 1UpCoin@warp.world. Users can also contact the owner, who comes with the name of "Jaku" in social media platforms, he is also available in Twitter and Reddit.
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